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Attitude and mindset decide everything.

Andy has always been a very positive and energetic person. He began practising Taekwondo and it took him 5 years to get elected into the Hong Kong Team. But thereafter, he competed internationally at events such as the World Championships and Asian Championships. Martial arts has shaped and polished his personality. Through it, he has learnt the value of persistence, which he hopes to inspire his students with as they aim for their personal best.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong – B.Sc.(Hons) in Exercise Science and Health Education
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Professionals Certified Personal Trainer, AASFP
USA Weightlifting Certified Level 1 Weightlifting coach
Fitness Thai Boxing Instructor Certification of International Personal Trainers & Fitness Academy
Professionals Certified Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Instructor Certification, AASFP
Professionals Certified Bodybuilding Training Certification, AASFP
Professionals Certified Sports Massage Certification, AASFP
2016 - Six-time Champions in Hong Kong Black Belt Taekwondo Competition--2014 - CUHK Taekwondo Team Representative--2014 - Three-time Champions in USFHK Taekwondo Championships--2013 - Five-time Champions in Asian Cities Gold Cup Taekwondo Championships--2013 - USFHK Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony- CUHK Representative in Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Nominees--2013 - Hong Kong Taekwondo Team Representative--2012 - WT Asian Qualifications Tournament for London Olympic Games- Hong Kong Senior Welter Weight Representative--2012 - Hong Kong Taekwondo Association- Best Player Award--2012 - Best Taekwondo Athlete of Hong Kong Baptist University--2012 - HKBU Taekwondo Team Representative Bank of China Hong Kong Sports Star Awards - Taekwondo Representative--2012 - The 10th ICTO International Clubs Taekwondo Championships Senior Welter Weight Gold Medalist
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