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Redefine Your Form

PURE Pilates transforms your technique & physique

Meet Reformer Pilates

With its unique system of springs, straps and pulleys, Reformer Pilates delivers a range of benefits.

Enhanced Performance and Well-Being

Improves sports performance, strength, posture, and overall well-being through targeted training, movement patterns, and spinal alignment.

Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Safely stretches and lengthens muscles using adjustable springs and straps, the added resistance of the Reformer’s springs improves flexibility, relieves tension, and enhances mobility in multiple body areas.

Full-Body Workout and Toning

Engages multiple muscle groups to burn calories, which aids weight loss and muscle toning without bulk.

Prime Locations

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district and bustling shopping areas, experience ultimate convenience at our 6 Reformer Pilates studios.

World-Class Teachers

Our industry-leading teachers go beyond simple demonstration. Experience a unique journey where you are empowered to new levels of fitness, strength, and confidence.

Diverse Class Options

From classical to contemporary, explore our extensive selection of classes. Designed to cater to all levels of expertise, each class is crafted to complement your wellness goals.

Experience Luxury and Convenience

Our fully equipped changing areas feature luxurious Rainforest Showers, lockers, hair dryers, spin dryers, and complimentary personal care amenities such as towels and cotton buds.

Reformer Pilates Classes

  • • Students must attend Reformer Intro prerequisite class to start their Reformer Pilates journey.
  • • All participants in Reformer Pilates classes are required to wear non-slip grip socks.
  • • For safety purposes, certain classes require students to complete a minimum number of classes before they can make related bookings.

Reformer Intro

Empowers you with the knowledge and skills to use the Reformer machine. Strengthens muscles, improve posture, and enhance flexibility, while developing body awareness, precise movement, and breath control.


Reformer Beginner

Focuses on mindful movements and purposeful breathing. It includes foundational Pilates exercises and sequences, adjusting the pace as needed. This low-impact workout enhances focus, movement connection, and postural benefits – perfect for beginners.


Reformer Signature Flow

This full-body workout complements your daily exercise routine. Achieve a fluid and smooth flow with mindful breathing and body awareness. Feel the burn, tone your body, improve posture, and release stress.


Reformer Stretch

A slow-paced class focusing on releasing muscle tightness, improving mobility, alignment, and core strength. Mindfully tune into your body, connecting breath and core for a rejuvenating stretch.


Reformer Strong

With increased resistance, additional equipment, and dynamic tempos, feel the burn of a challenging workout. Engage your core, conquer upper body exercises, and finish strong, lean, and effortlessly toned.


Reformer Sweat

Experience a dynamic cardio workout on the Reformer, incorporating quick movements, jumpboard exercises, and full-body sequences. Challenge your core, boost stamina, and elevate your heart rate while being gentle on joints.

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