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Bee, a coach since 2014, specializes in weight training and boxing. With a deep-rooted love for sports, she excelled in basketball, swimming, and track and field during her school years. Bee started hitting the gym and training in Muay Thai at the age of 17, finding it to be an invigorating challenge. Coaching holds great significance for Bee, as teaching and witnessing her clients' happiness and success in their fitness endeavors is her utmost passion within the fitness community.
NAFC Personal Trainer Certification
WBPF (HK) Personal trainer Certification
Springs Programme (TQUK) Personal Trainer Certification
WBC Boxing Trainer Certification
Stretch Trainer Certification, AASFP
Integrated Techniques for Myofascial Release Course, AASFP
Sport Injury and Prevention Certification Taping Workshop
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