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Terms & conditions

Points Program

  1. This programme is open to active PURE Cardholders in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore only.
  2. Participants will earn and redeem PURE Points as per the rules set out in each promotional campaign.
  3. PURE Cardholders without access to a particular city will not be able to earn Points in the promotional campaign of that city.
  4. Each promotional campaign has a set limit to the number of PURE Points that can be earned from that campaign.
  5. PURE Points are valid for 180 days from the day on which they are earned.
  6. PURE Points that are no longer valid will automatically expire and cannot be recovered at any time.
  7. nood voucher applies to the spending at or above Hk$200.
  8. Complimentary 30-minute Nutrition Consultation is open to all PURE Cardholders who redeem using PURE Points. Once the taster session has been redeemed, our Nutrition team will reach out to confirm booking time and location. If one of our team is not available at your chosen location, the session may be moved to online.
  9. Each ProTraining and Private Yoga session is 60 minutes in duration.
  10. The ProTraining session may only be used by the Cardholder. PURE reserves the right of choice in ProPT provided; please refer to specific terms and conditions on ProTraining session.
  11. The Private Yoga classes may only be used by the Cardholder. PURE reserves the right of choice in Private Yoga Teacher provided; please refer to specific terms and conditions on Private Yoga session.
  12. The 1-month All Clubs Access in PURE points will be automatically added after 14 days and upon the Cardholder pressing the “redeem” button in the PURE 360 Lifestyle app. . “All Clubs” is limited to the city/region which the cardholder has been engaged in the contract.
  13. The 1 month All Clubs Access will not change the validation period of contract that the cardholder has been engaged.
  14. PURE Points are defined as “accumulative achievement scores” that are awarded upon successful completion of certain tasks. PURE Points have no monetary value.
  15. PURE Points are accumulated across cities and Points earned in one city can be used to redeem Rewards of another city.
  16. For redemption of a Reward, PURE Points that expire the earliest will automatically be used first.
  17. All Reward redemptions are final and Rewards cannot be exchanged, returned or converted back to PURE Points.
  18. All Rewards have a monthly stock limit and are only redeemable using PURE Points on a first-come-first-served basis while stock last.
  19. The PURE Group reserves the right to deny participants from redeeming Rewards using their PURE Points.
  20. Participants will no longer be able to earn or use PURE Points upon the termination of their PURE contracts (i.e. when they are no longer an Active PURE Cardholder). Their Points will be frozen for 14 days and reactivated upon the renewal of their PURE contract. All PURE Points that have been frozen for over 14 days will be forfeited and cannot be recovered at any time.
  21. PURE Cardholders who are on suspension can continue to earn PURE Points, use PURE Points, redeem Rewards and use e-Vouchers.
  22. The PURE Group reserves the right to disqualify participants who are found to have earned PURE Points or redeemed Rewards by dishonest means.
  23. The PURE Group reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant from the programme without prior notice.
  24. The PURE Group reserves the right to perform actions (including but not limited to: remove PURE points, freeze PURE Points, offer PURE Points, remove Rewards or offer Rewards) on any participant’s account without prior notice.
  25. The PURE Group reserves the right to terminate the PURE Group Points Programme and void all PURE Points and Rewards without prior notice.
  26. All PURE Points and Rewards are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be redeemed as cash. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the PURE Group reserves the right to offer an alternative Reward of greater or equal value.
  27. The PURE Group may request participants to provide his or her proof of identification for verification purposes upon collection of Rewards.
  28. The PURE Group may use photographs of participants that have collected Rewards for the purpose of marketing and promoting the PURE Group Points Programme.
  29.  Any dispute connected in any way with this programme will be resolved by the PURE Group at its absolute discretion.
  30. By participating in the PURE Group Points Programme, all users agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  31. The PURE Group reserves the right to modify the content of these terms and conditions retroactively should changes be required to ensure the proper execution of the programme, at any time without prior notice.