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Result comes with disciplined method and hard work, so train wise and train hard!

Alex is a versatile and experienced fitness trainer with expertise in functional movement patterns, strength, and endurance. With a background in competitive sports, he offers tailored training to clients aiming to improve their fitness levels, lose weight, build muscle, or enhance sports performance. Alex's dynamic training style incorporates various tools and equipment like Bulgarian bags, TRX, and battle ropes, creating challenging and fun high-intensity interval workouts. He emphasizes progress tracking and has helped clients achieve their fitness goals while keeping them motivated for further challenges.
IPTA Certified Personal Trainer
Suples Bulgarian Bag Trainer
Certified Trainer in TRX
Rumble Roller — Alexander Method of Self-Myofascial Release (Level 1)
Rumble Roller — Alexander Method of Self-Myofascial Release (Level 2)
Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance/Accounting )
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