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Add weights, get stronger. Repeat.

Tat first became interested in fitness as a child. The interest developed into passion, and he relishes the adrenaline rush from weightlifting and working out. Since becoming a personal trainer in 2018, he’s been dedicated to enriching his knowledge, understanding and finding the most effective ways to achieve his clients’ goals that go beyond muscle mass gain, weight control, stretching and posture correction.
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate, IPTA
Stretching Certification, AASFP
Sports Science and Fitness Foundation Certification, AASFP
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM): Fascia Blade, AASFP
Fundamentals of Barbell Training Level 1, FTI
Barbells Level 2 Course 1 Day, FTI
Stick Mobility Level 1 Certification
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