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The Exercises You Should be Doing to Maximise Your Workouts

28 March 2024

When you’re managing work, family, and your social life, choosing exercises might be the last thing you want to think about. It can also be overwhelming if you have specific fitness goals but aren’t sure which routines suit you best.
This is where our Personal Trainers step in – helping you tailor workouts to meet your goals and keeping in mind your time! With some common goals that busy professionals request, let’s look at where our Personal Trainers recommend you start.
Bodybuilding: The barbell bench press
When the goal is to build a Greek God physique, exercises must target muscle groups strategically. A quintessential upper-body exercise, the barbell bench press is commonly seen in bodybuilding routines. The bench press works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. With a personalised approach, it elevates the exercise from just lifting weights to a customized muscle-building routine.
How a PT can help In the realm of bodybuilding, the value of a PT is undeniable. A personal trainer not only instructs you on proper form but also adjusts the weight and repetitions, an intricacy that can significantly impact muscle growth and definition. PTs help you select the right weight load, tweak your grip, and adjust your form to perfection – these refinements create a highly efficient exercise that optimally stresses the target muscles, fostering the lean growth that defines the bodybuilding aesthetic.  
Combat sports: battle ropes
The battle rope, a favourite among combat athletes, offers a full-body conditioning workout that enhances strength and stamina. The combination of muscle engagement and aerobic endurance required by the battle rope perfectly replicates the diverse energy demands of combat sports. Its benefits extend beyond the physical; the rhythmic cadence of rope strikes fine-tunes your mental focus and agility in both work and daily life.
How a PT can help Under a PT’s guidance, the battle rope routine becomes a skill-enhancement session. They’ll not only correct your technique but also integrate it into a comprehensive training programme. This customised coaching method ensures that every session gears you towards peak performance, sparing no effort in your pursuit of combat prowess.
Metabolic conditioning: Sled push-pull
Metabolic conditioning isn’t just about burning calories, it involves turning your body into a high-powered calorie-burning machine. The sled push-pull epitomises this concept, engaging several muscle groups simultaneously and triggering metabolic pathways for maximum efficiency.
This seemingly simple exercise has a significant metabolic impact, accelerating your heart rate and oxygen consumption. A sled workout builds strength and power – crucial elements in functional fitness and competitive sports.
How a PT can help A PT’s role is to push you to your limits—methodically – in metabolic conditioning. They tailor the intensity and duration of your sled workouts, gradually increasing the load as your fitness improves. This careful calibration ensures a challenging yet sustainable routine, protective of both your health and your ultimate fitness goals.
Personal Trainers know effective exercises for specific goals, like aiming to build a bodybuilder’s physique, learning combat sports skills, or metabolic conditioning. Experts at tailoring your workout to match your fitness goals – whatever they may be – the right exercises and personalised guidance can provide optimal results.