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Sometimes, change is what we need.

At the age of 20, Ben carried around a body weight of 90kg and tried all sorts of ways to shed the load - but they all failed him. It was then that he decided to follow a professional trainer's workout programme and began weight training in 2009. Finally, he achieved the result that he wanted. Ben hopes to encourage his clients with his own personal breakthrough story that clearly illustrates - nothing is impossible!
Sport Science and Fitness Foundation, AASFP
Advance Personal Fitness Trainer, AASFP
Children and Adolescence Fitness Instructor Certification, AASFP
Sports Massage beginner workshop, AASFP
Paviflex workshop, AASFP
Stretch Therapist Certification, IPTFA
First Aid Certificate (St. John Ambulance)
Personal Trainer’s programme specialities

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