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Focus on the right target and go all the way to your target.

Charles has been training in Muay Thai Boxing since 2007. Although Muay Thai is a whole body movement exercise that’s excellent for keeping fit and losing weight, Charles believes it is equally effective for helping his clients to maintain their overall conditioning and fitness level. “Before settling into training, set out your goal and keep going till you reach it.”.
2015 - KF1 Fu Tak Thai Boxing Champion in 57kg
2015 - 1st place Hong Kong Muay Thai Champion in 57kg
2015 - 1st place Reunification Cup of Muay Thai in 57kg
2015 - Champion Abira Thai Boxing & Fitness In-house Fight in 57kg
2015 - Champion ATMA Fight Night in 57kg
Yellow Fighter Level Honour – Fu Tak International Association
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