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Everything should be step-by-step. Make working out as part of your routine first. Train regularly and train hard. The results will come naturally.

Debbie, a member of the original Kinwick Team, brings a contagious laughter to the gym. With 6 years of experience in the fitness industry, she holds certifications as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Yoga Instructor accredited by AASFP. Recently, Debbie has delved deeper into her passion for Yoga, completing an Ashtanga Yoga course led by renowned instructor David Swenson. Additionally, she has embraced the practice of Kung Fu, specializing in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Chang Chuan under esteemed instructors Li Fai and Lau Yeung at Kinwick.
Certified Yoga Instructors, AASFP
Certified Personal Trainer, I.P.T.F.A.
Certified Personal Trainer, I.P.T.F.I.
The Exercise and Pregnancy Workshop Certificate from Australian Graduate School of Health and Sport Science

Achieve your fitness goals with a programme tailored just for you under expert guidance.

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