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Doris, a professional butterfly swimmer, dedicates at least 2 hours daily to swimming, weight training, and stretching for local and international competitions. She emphasizes a muscular physique, clean eating, and proper stretching to enhance athletic performance. During competition pre-season and off-season, Doris believes maintaining ideal body fat is crucial for aspiring athletes. Through training and dietary adjustments, she has assisted numerous clients in achieving their optimal body fat range. Doris aims to guide, monitor, and motivate more individuals in attaining their fitness objectives.
Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, AASFP
Certified Stick Mobility Level 1 Movement Specialist
Certified Stick Mobility Level 2 Movement Specialist
Certified Functional Strength Coach
Gorilla Strong Kettlebell Instructor
NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
IFBB Certified Fitness Personal Trainer
Certified Stick Mobility Movement Specialist
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