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When he discovered his genuine interest in fitness, Jacky bravely hopped from the prospective financial sector to the fitness industry with determination and enthusiasm. Aspiring to become a specialist, Jacky has conquered the gym with utmost persistence and passion. Straddling across a wide range of intensive training and practices, Jacky is well-equipped with a mix of hands-on experience and knowledge of sports science. Although Jacky challenges clients with 'tough-love' training of physical and mental skills, he is simultaneously engaging - a faithful companion who walks you through rigorous yet rewarding journeys.
PTA Global Personal Trainer Certification
Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Course Certification, AASFP
Stretch Trainer Certification, AASFP
Post-Rehab Fitness Trainer Certification (Upper Limb), AASFP
Pre- and Post-Natal Certification, AASFP
EXOS Performance Specialist Certification
Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Certification
TRX Certification
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