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King is a dedicated UK fitness professional with a passion for improving client health and wellness. With years of experience as a personal trainer, he offers high-energy programs using the latest exercise science techniques. King's tailored training programs are suitable for all ages and goals, whether it's weight loss, body transformation, or general fitness. He has a proven track record of motivating clients and has won multiple awards representing Hong Kong in international fitness competitions. Additionally, King is skilled in equipment setup, calibration, and maintenance.
PTA Global Certificate in Personal Training
IPTA Personal Trainer Certification
Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1
TRX Group Suspension Training Course L1 Certificate
CPR & AED Certification
Rugby League Hong Kong National Team
Hong Kong Arm Wrestling Competition Champion
2XU Atomic Push-Up Regional Challenge Hong Kong Champion
Hong Kong Street Workout Power & Strength Invitational Champion
Powerlifting Bench Press (First Runner-Up)
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