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Water conservation at PURE: Refill, replenish, and preserve

PURE’s Pledge for Health & Nature: Your Role is Key!

24 January 2024

Embrace Sustainability at PURE

At PURE, we don’t just prioritise your health, we champion the synergy between wellness and a sustainable world. Upholding PURE’s ethos of conscious living, we’re thrilled to have Murdock H2O-to-Go water fillers accessible at all PURE locations. This eco-conscious choice reflects our dedication to reducing plastic waste and preserving natural resources.

Be an ambassador of this green revolution! Your commitment to refilling your water bottles at our stations is more than a drop in the ocean—it’s a ripple effect fostering environmental stewardship. By choosing to refill, you embody the spirit of PURE, demonstrating that every individual’s actions are instrumental in our collective journey toward a healthier planet.

Thank you to all of you who remembered to bring your water bottles – every little bit of effort can help save our planet!