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Surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.

Kay Yuen left her corporate life in New York to dedicate herself to yoga in Asia. She has over 2,000 hours of training and years of teaching, focusing on the meditative, devotional, and philosophical aspects of yoga. Kay sees yoga as a way of life and aims to guide her students to reconnect with their true nature.


Sadhana Intensive Pranayama ISYVC Course


Andiappan Yoga Advanced Teacher Training (300 hours)
Living Yoga Therapy Teacher Training


Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi Teacher Training (200 hours)
Sivananda Yoga ISYVC Advanced Teacher Training (500 hours)


Sivananda Yoga ISYVC Teacher Training (200 hours)
Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)


Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Course (160 hours)
Private Yoga
Private Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level with a one-on-one or small group class. Deepen your practice and achieve your goals at your own pace.

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