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Think Positive, Eat Well, Train Smart!

Jamela, a lifelong performer and dancer, discovered her love for weight-training in 2017. Witnessing her own strength and physical transformation ignited a passion for fitness and wellness that now defines her lifestyle. She believes in continual self-improvement, even through small steps. Jamela has turned her passion into a career, using her experience in strength training to empower women to enhance their physique, health, and overall well-being. As a certified pre-/post-natal Fitness Instructor, she emphasizes the importance of strength training during pregnancy for enhanced stamina during labor and delivery. Jamela's ultimate values lie in prioritizing health, contentment, and faithful relationships.
Certified Personal Trainer — National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
ACPR & AED Certificate — Hong Kong Red Cross ACPR
Pre-/Post-Natal Fitness Instructor Certification, AASFP
Performance Nutrition Coach Certification Level 1, Clean Health Fitness Institute
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