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All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

May's journey into pole dancing revealed to her the importance of finding a balance between strength and mobility. She firmly believes that anyone can improve their strength and overall well-being through training, no matter their age. Having once struggled with cardio workouts herself, May understands the mental and physical challenges her clients face during training. She focuses on developing total body strength and enhancing mobility to prevent injuries in daily movements and achieve better overall fitness. May specializes in training female clients to attain a toned and powerful physique.
International Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate course, IPTA
EXOS – Phrase 1 XPS
Private FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor certification
Agatsu Joint Mobility – Lower Body Mobility
TRX certification
Post-Rehabilitation trainer – Core, AASFP
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