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It is not how bad you want it - it is how hard you work for it. If one person trusts you, that is enough for you to reach your goals-keep your head up always and say goodbye to your weaknesses

Rash have a diverse sports background and a passion for various fitness activities. His grandfather, a former high-ranking officer in the British army, instilled discipline and self-defense skills in me through rigorous training. While initially focused on soccer and rugby, Rash represented the Hong Kong Rugby Club in 2006 and achieved a red belt in taekwondo. Through my journey, I learned the value of discipline and hard work, leading me to pursue a career in the fitness industry. As a qualified personal trainer from New Zealand (SFRITO), helping clients achieve their goals through dedication and hard work has become my life's purpose.
New Zealand personal trainer qualified (REPS)
Asian Academy For Sports & Fitness Professionals Personal Trainer Qualified
Diploma in Sports & Fitness Professionals
Certified in Motion Dynamics
St. John's Ambulance Certified In CPR
Muay Tai Boxing Certified Trainer
PTA Global Certified Trainer
Kettlebell Certified Trainer
Personal Trainer’s programme specialities

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