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3 Unconventional Training Routines to Enhance Your Performance

28 March 2024

For fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, the world of personal training goes far beyond the conventional gym workout. Not only do personal trainers focus on weightlifting and intense workouts, but they also offer guidance in various training areas, refining techniques and focusing on specific fitness goals.
Even for those already deeply embedded in their fitness journeys, personal trainers offer alternative pathways to explore further improvements and prevent injury. Here’s how you can take your training to a new level with specific areas: prehab and rehab, stretching, and powerlifting.
1. The core of prehabilitation and rehabilitation
Elite athletes attribute a chunk of their success to what’s known as prehabilitation and rehabilitation, or ‘prehab’ and ‘rehab’. These are the preventive exercises that keep you in the game and the corrective routines that get you back on your feet.
Incorporating prehab exercises before potent injury-inducing movements can protect your body against potential injuries. Equally, if not more important, are rehab exercises that become crucial components of a fitness regime after an injury.
What to do: Shoulder external rotation with a resistance band
What it does: Strengthens the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder
Why it’s important: Shoulder injuries are common yet often avoidable; external rotations promote shoulder stability and injury prevention  
2. The flexible approach to fitness
Flexibility plays a crucial role in an athlete’s toolkit, enabling a broader range of motion and addressing muscle tightness effectively. Injuries commonly stem from muscle imbalances and lack of preparation. Personal Trainers can enhance your stretching routine through massage, allowing for deeper stretches, releasing tension in tight muscles, and ultimately improving flexibility.
What to do: Assisted supine hip opener
What it does: Improves hip mobility and flexibility
Why it’s important: A flexible hip complex is the key to athletic movement, stability, and acceleration
3. Gaining strength through powerlifting
For those looking to harness raw strength and transform themselves into powerhouses, powerlifting is more than just a sport—it is a way of life. Comprising the squat, bench press, and deadlift, powerlifting focuses on pure, functional strength in these three primary lifts. With personal trainers, you will walk faster and safer toward your ultimate goal of power gains.
What to do: The deadlift
What it does: Targets several muscle groups including quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, traps, and forearms
Why it’s important: The deadlift helps strengthen the entire posterior chain, a crucial part of functional and powerful movements
By venturing into these specialized realms of exercise with a personal trainer, you not only stave off the adversities of injury but also cultivate a more profound understanding of your body’s capabilities.
Finding a personal trainer who understands your goals and can tailor a workout to enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses is a game-changer. Begin your exploration of these three training pathways with our team of personal trainers and you may just find that your next personal best is closer than you think!