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How Seniors can Prioritise Their Wellness

28 March 2024

Fitness isn’t just for the young – it’s crucial for seniors too. Our needs change with age, but movement, flexibility, and a strong heart remain vital.
For seniors, physical activity can reduce illnesses, boost cognitive function, enhance bone health, mental health, lower depression, and more. Plus, it’ll help you face common challenges like muscle loss, bone density decline, and slowed metabolism. Exercise can counteract a lot of ageing problems and enhance well-being.
If you’re a senior starting or continuing your fitness journey, we’ve gathered expert advice to help you with tailored routines so you can prioritise your wellness.
Increase flexibility and mobility
Physical flexibility and mobility are the unsung heroes of everyday senior life. Stability ball circles are an excellent starting point for enhancing these areas. They assist in maintaining and improving range of motion, essential for everything from reaching a high shelf to taking a stroll in the park.
Alternatively, yoga poses like the bridging exercise can fortify the body’s central support, strengthening core muscles that contribute to better posture and reduced risk of back pain.
Metabolism conditioning
A common problem for many seniors is a slowing metabolism. To counteract this, the SkiErg, which simulates a cross-country skiing motion in a controlled environment, can be incredibly beneficial. Without the jolting impact of traditional running, it boosts cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. Pair this with the bridging pose to further engage the core and lower body muscles, and you have the beginnings of a powerful regime to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.
Building strength and balance
Pilates, particularly Reformer Pilates, is excellent for seniors due to its focus on controlled movements that build strength and balance. The bridging exercise on a Reformer works wonders for lower back strength and flexibility, crucial for preventing injury and maintaining an active lifestyle. It also helps to engage and strengthen the entire posterior chain, which is essential for stability and mobility as we age.
An important part of creating a fitness regime for seniors is to make it safe, effective and enjoyable. Working with a fitness professional who understands the unique needs of seniors can make a world of difference. They can help with adjusting pace, integrating different exercises, and making sure you don’t injure yourself.
Seniors can explore the myriad of options available at PURE, like group fitness classes and complimentary one-on-one training sessions with our PTs to prioritise their health and well-being.