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Energising One’s Best Life

PURE empowers you to achieve 360° wellness so you can ignite your inner fire to spread joy every day to people around you and beyond. Take on our challenges in each phase and score exclusive offers to switch ON your full potential!
PURE Fitness gives you your one moment in a cluttered day when you can truly focus on yourself. You are truly ON when working out hard, challenging your body and activating your best self.​


Take on Group Fitness

All Cardholders are entitled to experience Group Fitness classes at any PURE Fitness location for 3 days! Embrace the synergy and enjoy the thrill of cycling, dance and more.


Work out with a friend

Register your friend to work out together! Try out a class with a buddy by filling in the Buddy Referral form and score a 5-day access pass to explore PURE. Be each other’s motivation, refer a buddy and earn PURE Points now!


Join the Fit Mums Club

Introducing our NEW specialised programme, the Fit Mums Club. Designed for future and recent mums, it is the ultimate destination for safe and effective fitness during pregnancy and postpartum. Join us for a range of activities that cater to your fitness goals and interests, including FUZE, dance, Pilates, yoga, Barre, AQUAFit, strength training and more. Limited time offer: FREE for all PURE Fitness Cardholders to celebrate Mother’s Day!
Our teams provide guidance every step of the way. Focusing on your unique training needs and athletic potential, we help unlock a powerful you to turn life ON in full colour and energy.


Get Summer body ready

Experience the incredible benefits of feeling confident, energised, and ready to make the most of Summer, while our Nutrition team guides you towards your goals with scientific-based strategies for a healthy and glowing transformation.


Marathon training with PURE

Tailored for all levels of runners, build endurance, strength, and stamina with expert guidance in our marathon programme. Plus, fuel your performance and well-being with our Nutrition team for optimal results.


Redefine your form

PURE Reformer Pilates shapes your body and boosts flexibility, turning life ON with every move. All Cardholders are entitled to experience the intro class at any PURE Reformer Pilates studio! Book your class on the PURE360 app and discover the joy of moving your body in new and exciting ways.
Cleanse your mind, strengthen your body and envigorate your soul with PURE Yoga. It gives you a space where you can turn off your thoughts and turn back ON to live in the present moment.


Take on Yoga

Enjoy 3 quotas to experience our yoga classes at any PURE Yoga studio. Experience the mind and body benefits that yoga offers.


1-on-1 Yoga Guidance

Experience a liberating transformation with Private Yoga. Enjoy a special 10% off for our Core Strength Package now and unlock your full potential with 1-on-1 guidance that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Visit any of our PURE Yoga studios to enjoy the special offer.


Not sure if Private Yoga is right for you? 

Try our 45-minute limited-time trial class for just HK$390 (valued at HK$1,190) and take your practice to the next level.


Exclusive Workshop Offer

Enjoy a 5% discount on top of the Early-Bird or Regular Price for all upcoming yoga events or workshops that are open for registration. Visit any of our PURE Yoga studios to enjoy the special offer.
*This offer is valid for single workshops with a maximum duration of 20 hours, excluding retreats and specific workshops with prerequisite requirements.

Inside their stories

Oliver Xu

Basketball Player for Hong Kong China Men’s National Team

Coming soon

Christophe Younes

Brand Manager & Co-Founder of Paul Lafayet

Coming soon

Sarah Vee

Founder of Women of Hong Kong & The Women’s Lounge

Coming soon

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Stand a chance to win a PURE 1-month all-club access pass by sharing your TURN LIFE ON moments with us! 


Your Fitness Moments

How does embarking on a fitness journey turn your life ON?

23 MAY

Your Athletic Potential

How can a personal trainer turn your life ON?


Set Free in Yoga

How does starting a yoga journey turn your life ON?

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Featured Classes


Race you to the end

CycSync, THE TRIP Lite, RPM.


Express youself

Latino Beats, Contemporary Dance, United Dance.

Strength exercise

Get stronger and leaner


Featured Classes


Features various classes tailored to enhancing mobility and flexibility.


Yoga with support, mobility, and mindful breathing for enhanced flexibility and alignment.

Yoga for Office Workers

Relieve stress, tension, and anxiety for office workers with gentle stretches, supported postures, and calming atmosphere.