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Breakdancing for Beginners with Genesis and Mel

Saturday, 3 August
PURE Fitness ifc mall

9 Jul 2024


This 2-hour beginner-friendly breakdancing workshop will give you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of breaking. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some prior experience, you’ll leave with the skills to start calling yourself a B-Boy or B-Girl.


You’ll learn:

  • The vocabulary and key moves of breaking, including the Salsa Step, 6-Step, Headstand, Backspin, and Simple Freeze
  • How to execute these foundational techniques through hands-on practice
  • An overview of the latest breakdancing styles and trends
  • A new appreciation for the depth and complexity of breakdancing, and the confidence to keep practising and improving your skills


PURE Cardholders: HK$500

Non-PURE Cardholders: HK$750


Limited spots available! Register NOW at any PURE Fitness location or call for more information.

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