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Enhanced indoor cycling classes to revolutionise your ride!

From 1 July

Available at all PURE Fitness locations

27 Jun 2024


Unleash the power of your ride! Join us for the launch of our enhanced indoor cycling programmes that are tailored to different fitness needs.




Experience the ultimate fusion of movement and music

CycSync is our signature cycling programme that combines upper body movements with perfectly synced beats. Get ready for an intense, full-body workout that will leave you energised and inspired.




Unleash your inner cyclist with unpredictable adventures

We’re bringing back the beloved Freestyle Cycle experience with FreeCycle! Rediscover the thrill of freestyle cycling as our instructors design each class based on classic indoor cycling fundamentals. Expect exciting surprises and unique challenges that will keep you engaged and motivated.




Track your performance and conquer new challenges

Monitor your performance in real-time, visualise your progress on the screen, and conquer virtual tracks and terrains. Stay accountable, push your limits, and unlock your full potential with every ride.

Get ready to pedal to the rhythm, sculpt your body, embrace the unexpected, and track your performance like never before! Join us and embark on a cycling journey with us!



Check out the schedule on the PURE360 app/website or call our PURE Fitness locations.

Open to ALL PURE Fitness Cardholders and first-time guests.

Photos and videos may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes.

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