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With the sports season just around the corner, discover a range of classes and workshops to focus on specific aspects of your training to achieve your own training goals and aspirations!

Yoga Active Recovery Classes


Join our active recovery sessions specifically tailored for runners and hikers, as well as those seeking effective recovery techniques for strength and resistance training, to learn techniques that will keep your body agile and ready for your next challenge.

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Active recovery for strength and resistance training

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During the promotional period, these classes are open for reservation to all Cardholders. Make a reservation for classes using the PURE360 app.

Group Fitness Dance Classes

Rhythm & Artistic Dance

Groove and jive in our range of dance classes! From beginner-level breakdancing to Latin dance, our experienced instructors will guide you to find your rhythm so you can express yourself through movement.

Breakdancing for Beginners

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Les Mills Dance / Hip Hop / Bachata / K-Pop/ Jazz Fusion / Bollywood / Salsa

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Group Fitness Cycling Classes & Personal Training


Build your endurance with our revamped cycling classes and achieve personal bests with customised marathon training.

  • THE TRIP Lite
  • CycSync / FreeCycle / CycTrack

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Personalised Marathon Training Programme + VO2

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Group Fitness Strength Classes


Get stronger and tone your muscles with our specialised classes that incorporate innovative equipment and techniques for maximum gains.


– Burn with TRX Bandit / Strength Training with Y-Bell

The PURE Games

Form a group of 4 with a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor to join The PURE Games. Held at PURE Fitness K11 MUSEA, individuals must complete all exercises until all 6 moves are completed. The top 3 teams with the fastest completion times will be crowned winners and will win a pair of On sneakers!
Sunday, Aug 4, 2024
PURE Fitness K11 MUSEA – Turf area
All PURE Cardholders
4 People in each team

1 PURE Personal Trainer + 3 PURE Cardholders or 1 PURE Group Fitness Instructor + 3 PURE Cardholders

Movement & Task
The top 3 teams will receive a pair of On sneakers each
Contact our PURE Personal Trainers or Group Fitness Instructors by 12 July 2024 to register
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