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Renovation & Introducing New Exclusive Group Fitness Classes at California Tower

4 Jun 2024


Starting May, exciting upcoming enhancements are coming to heighten your workout experience, including:

• New reception on 19/F
• All-new Group Fitness studio on 18/F
• New and exclusive Dance and Strength conditioning classes
• Expanded free weights area
• New gym equipment


Experience an exhilarating new lineup of exclusive Strength and Dance classes in our new Group Fitness studio at California Tower, available form 29 June. Be among the first to try these dynamic workouts by booking a class through the PURE360 app!


Burn with TRX Bandit Challenge your muscular endurance and enhance your flexibility without overworking your joints in this innovative class using the latest TRX Bandit training tool. By harnessing the power of resistance bands, this full-body workout improves range of motion, balance, and core activation. Experience the benefits of controlled resistance training to prevent injury and aid in rehabilitation. Leave feeling stronger, more stable, and ready to take on any physical challenge!
Strength Training with Y-Bell Challenge yourself with this dynamic strength training class using dumbbells and kettlebells. These versatile tools will enable you to transition quickly between exercises, keeping the focus on proper movement execution. Each session will target different muscle groups through a variety of techniques like drop sets, tri-sets, and super sets.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: Leg Day
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Upper Body Day
Hip Hop Foundations Dive into the origins of hip hop culture in this foundational class. We’ll break down the essential style techniques like locking, popping, grooving, waving, and krumping. Through step-by-step instruction, you’ll develop proper form and mechanics for our Hip Hop All Levels class.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine the basics, this class will equip you with the skills and confidence to let loose and groove to the beat.

Bachata Originating from the Dominican Republic, Bachata is a captivating partner dance that will ignite your passion. In this class, you’ll learn the essential techniques, footwork, and styling of this sensual and rhythmic dance form.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, dancers of all levels are welcome. No partner is necessary – just bring your passion and a willingness to explore this beautiful dance style.

Advance Hip Hop Designed for experienced dancers, this class is a step above, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technique. To join, we recommend having completed at least 10 open level hip hop classes.
Trends K-Pop Step into the hottest K-Pop hits and learn iconic dance moves straight from the music videos. This high-energy class combines cardio, choreography, and the infectious rhythm of K-Pop to create an exhilarating and fun-filled workout experience. No dance experience required.
Advance Jazz Fusion Designed for experienced dancers, this class is a step above, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technique. To join, we recommend having completed at least 10 open level Jazz Fusion classes.
Bollywood Bollywood dance is a fusion of traditional Indian dance forms, contemporary styles, and infectious music. In this class, you’ll learn the expressive hand gestures, graceful body movements, and dynamic footwork that define Bollywood dance. No prior experience is necessary – our class welcomes dancers of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a beginner or have some dance experience, our inclusive and fun-filled environment will ensure an enjoyable learning experience.
Les Mills Dance This is a high-energy workout that will reinvent the way you move and sweat! 45-minutes, 10 stand-alone tracks, inspired by global dance genres and designed by dancers. Les Mills Dance is simple to master and a great option for those who want to improve their dance skills while getting fit – or for anyone who loves to dance.
Reggaeton Get ready to shake and feel the energetic Latino vibes in this Reggaeton dance class! We’ll start by warming up the hips and releasing tension through the body, before connecting to the infectious beats of Reggaeton music.

Learn the dynamic footwork, rhythmic isolations, and captivating styling that define this hot dance genre. It builds up to an exhilarating choreography that blends the rhythm of hip hop, reggae, and Latin music. All levels welcome – no experience necessary, just bring your booty-shaking enthusiasm!

Salsa One of the most iconic Latin American dance styles. In this class, you’ll learn the foundations of different Salsa styles, including the intricate arm lines, captivating hip movements, and smooth partnering techniques.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the rhythm and passion of Salsa. The class welcomes dancers of all levels – no partner is required, as we’ll focus on building a strong individual foundation.