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Ashtanga Yoga Insight: 200-Hour Comprehensive Training & Mentorship for Teachers & Students with Nigel Marshall

2 September - 17 December

This event has ended.
About the Training

This is a complete training in all the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga practice and teaching. It combines the content of a teacher training programme with the practical experience of a four-month mentorship, including hands-on assistance in real Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga classes.


Additionally, by structuring the training over a period of four months, busy people in Hong Kong have an opportunity to learn with minimum interference to their working, family or social lives, and to maximise their absorption of the teaching.


Together we will investigate the practice, theory, philosophy, science, rules, etiquette, tradition and history of Ashtanga Yoga. There will be thorough breakdowns of every asana and vinyasa in the Primary Series and beyond, and how to safely and effectively instruct and adjust each one.


The training will include studying key yoga texts, yoga anatomy and biomechanics, how to avoid and deal with injuries, yogic lifestyle, diet, ethics, ayurveda and Sanskrit, the business of yoga and much more.
What is Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore style? 
Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice that combines movement, postures, breath control and concentration to produce a deeply satisfying, mindful, energetic and potentially life-changing practice.


Mysore style is the traditional self-practice method that was developed in the Southern Indian city of Mysore over 100 years ago and has been taught there largely unchanged ever since.


These days, Ashtanga Yoga, in both led classes and Mysore-style format, is one of the most widely practiced and revered types of yoga in the world.


Benefits of the Training 
Graduates will come away from the training with many benefits:
    • Detailed knowledge of the practice and theory of Ashtanga Yoga
    • Greater confidence to teach Mysore-style and Ashtanga led classes
    • The foundational principles required to deliver authentic and traditional yoga teaching
    • Knowledge and experience of how to give safe and effective hands-on physical adjustments
    • An understanding of effective and appropriate ways of communication for yoga teaching
    • Practical experience working in real yoga classes
    • An understanding of the other aspects of yoga, beyond the asanas
    • Deepen one’s personal yoga practice
    • Practical tools for personal growth and health



The bulk of the training will take place over ten weekends from September to December 2023.

Saturdays and Sundays
8:00am–10:15am Mysore-style practice, including small group sessions exclusively for attendees
10:45am-5:30pm Practical teaching instruction and theory. Includes adequate breaks for meals etc.


Weekend 1 2-3 September
Weekend 2 9-10 September
Weekend 3 23–24 September
Weekend 4 7-8 October
Weekend 5 21-22 October
Weekend 6 28-29 October
Weekend 7 11-12 November
Weekend 8 25-26 November
Weekend 9 9-10 December
Weekend 10 16-17 December



  • Breakdown of every asana and vinyasa and how to teach and adjust each one
  • Fundamental elements of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Principles of yoga teaching
  • Breath, bandha, drishti
  • Teaching attitude, communication, invitational language, verbal cues
  • Teaching Ashtanga Yoga led classes
  • How to teach new beginners
  • Class rules, etiquette, days off, Moondays
  • Assisting
  • Sanskrit, asana names, Sanskrit counting
  • Opening and closing mantras
  • Philosophy, 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • Yoga/Ashtanga Yoga tradition and history
  • Ayurveda, yogic medicine, the three Doshas
  • Anatomy & biomechanics
  • Recognising physical “types”, asana modifications, injuries
  • Teaching for pre- and post-natal, specific women’s issues, children
  • Intermediate series – introduction, “splitting”
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Stretching, Yin Yoga, utilising non-Ashtanga tradition methods
  • The Gunas, universal energies according to yogic science
  • Food and nutrition
  • Yogic lifestyle, ethics


  • A regular Ashtanga Yoga practice
  • A commitment to attend 100% of the training


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