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Budokon with Fabien Roels

31 December 2023

About this Online Event

The Budokon Masterclass Series is a comprehensive programme that offers students the opportunity to explore some of the original practices of Budokon. This series is designed to help students develop their physical capabilities, through various challenging and unique exercises.

Class 1: Animal Locomotive Patterns

In this session, students will learn how to move like various animals, such as the monkey, Komodo dragon and gorilla. Through animal-inspired movements, students can improve their coordination, agility, and overall body awareness.

Class 2: Mat in Movement

This session focuses on exploring the full range of human movement, from standalone movements to flowing sequences.

Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally to achieve better mobility, coordination, and strength.

Class 3: BDK Strength Conditioning

In this session, students will develop their physical strength through a series of challenging movements that target the entire body. By building strength, students can enhance their overall health and well-being, and feel more confident and empowered in their daily lives.



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Fabien Roels
Fabien is a humble seeker driven by a profound purpose. From boxing rings and tatamis to his uncle's yoga school, he discovered the unity of yoga and martial arts. With dedicated training, Fabien became a skilled yoga therapist while also delving into Pilates. His classes radiate power, dynamism, and creativity. Mastering handstands, captivating flows, and integrating martial arts and acrobatics, he invites you to embrace your limitless potential. Step into extraordinary where transformation awaits.