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Hand Balancing 101 with Marcel Erasmus

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About this workshop

Remember doing cartwheels and walking around on our hands and feet as a kid?
There’s a magic to handstands and that’s why a lot of us are drawn to it. It demands that we tune into the present moment fully and with our entire being, we’re asked to embrace the ‘play’ that comes with it.
This workshop will introduce the steps to starting our own practice that we can incorporate into our lives. Getting upside down regularly is not only excellent for our brain and body but over time, it creates a shift in perspective as we begin to look at the world and problems from a different angle.

For those that would like to practise handstands regularly, Hand Balancing 101 introduces students to the fundamentals of handstand techniques through exercises and drills aimed at building shoulder flexibility and stability, core strength and endurance.

  • Increase wrist mobility
  • Build shoulder strength and endurance
  • Learn how to exit a handstand safely
  • Practise alignment drills
  • Learn beginner balancing exercises

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Guest Workshop
Sun ,
10:00am - 1:00pm
Hand Balancing 101 with Marcel Erasmus - 5 Nov
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