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INNER RETREAT: 30-Hour Breathwork & Pranayama Teacher Training with Wendy Wyvill


Asia Standard Tower + Online via Zoom

9-17 March 2024


Join Wendy for a 30-hour inner retreat where she will share the nature of Prana and how this very simple act of breathing has profound effects on our health and well-being. This unique training will combine modern day science of breathing with ancient Pranayama practices.
Breathwork is the modern day term for Pranayama. Pranayama in traditional terms is the practice of expanding, purifying, and containing our Prana. Yogis use Pranayama as an anchor for the mind to be in the present moment, which helps tremendously with our modern day businesses and stress. When we are able to relax, let go of our habitual stress patterns and turn our mind towards our breath, we can down regulate our nervous system and help with our own mental health hygiene. But becoming a functional breather before starting any Pranayama practice is key. We may all think we are breathing correctly but actually the majority of us are not and our health is at risk.
If you are a yogi, teacher, athlete or a couch potato, it is essential to learn how to breathe in a functional way that supports your health and well-being. The primary function of breathing is to oxygenate our cells. All of our bodies’ systems need oxygen in order to thrive but if we’re not breathing correctly, we may actually be starving our body of oxygen rather than feeding it. The key to change our breathing habits is to start observing how we breathe, on and off the mat and to notice how our breath affects everything we do. Through daily practice and self-observation, we can slowly shift our breathing patterns to the way nature intended us to breathe. Then we can start to practice Pranayama from a more balanced starting point.
In this science-based training, Wendy weaves together respiratory science, functional breathing, functional movement and yoga philosophy to help students restore their health and regain their own breathing power. This training will have lecture, practice and home study components.
This training is perfect for new and experienced teachers to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable teaching breathwork and Pranayama in every class, even an Asana-based class.


Biomechanics of functional breathing (posture affects how you breathe)
Biochemistry of breathing (carbon dioxide and oxygen)
Anatomy of the respiratory system
3 tiers of respiration
The Bohr Effect, pH and carbon dioxide, Medulla Oblongata and the nervous system
Daily functional Pranayama and breathwork practices
How to teach functional Pranayama and breathwork practices
Pranayama as Kumbhaka and subtle breathing
Subtle body awareness – Nadis, Chakras, Vayus, Koshas
Simple Yin Asanas with breath awareness
Simple Vinyasa with core breathing


9-17 March
(A total 30 hours)
Asia Standard Tower – Central
9 & 10 March
16 & 17 March
Zoom via link
11-15 March
*Recordings available but it is advised to attend the live Zoom
One-hour homework


Full Training:
Super Offer: HK$5,800 (first 8 registrants only)
Early-Bird Offer: HK$6,380 (ends 15 February)
Regular Price: HK$6,880
2-weekend Sessions (24 hours)
Early-Bird Offer – 10% off: HK$5,325 (ends 15 February)
Regular Price: HK$5,625
1-week Online Sessions (Monday-Friday, 5 hours)
Early-Bird Offer – 10% off: HK$1,200 (ends 15 February)
Regular Price: HK$1,500


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1. No refund or credit will be given for cancellations starting 15 February 2024.
2. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
3. All applications for a refund (medical & emergency reasons) must be made within 3 days after the event finishes.
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Asia Standard Tower
2/f Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen's Road Central Central, Hong Kong
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Wendy Wyvill
Wendy, a yoga teacher since 2000, found yoga instrumental in her healing process after injuries from professional snowboarding. Now residing in Hong Kong, Wendy combines her love for teaching and yoga, with a particular interest in the power of breath and its impact on health. Her vinyasa-based classes blend breathwork and mindfulness, encouraging students to listen to their bodies. Wendy also leads yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and Pranayama and meditation programmes across Asia.