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Introduction to TAGA: Twin Adventure Yoga 雙人瑜伽 with Otto Yeung & Luigi Prato 指導

9 December 2023

About this workshop

This fun 180-minute workshop introduced by Otto & Luigi will guide oneself and their partner through a playful twin yoga flow to build a stronger relationship. Participants will focus on building and exploring connection, supporting each other through movement to go deeper into the poses, unlocking and awakening the body, strengthening the balance to achieve the inner calmness and proprioception with the partner.

In this workshop, participants will learn the dynamics and freedom of their body via the contemporary variations of twin yoga postures. Otto & Luigi will lead students to move their body through chic and playful sequences of partner-assisted poses, the double yoga poses where communication is improved amongst the couple and synchronises each other in symmetrical poses to reflect the balance and trust of the relationship.

Participants may come with a bestie, family, sibling, partner, or come on your own and Otto and Luigi, the duo, will pair you up with other individuals. This workshop will have a very different experience than other workshops, the core theme is to celebrate love and support, bringing everyone in mutual trust, laughs and giggles, and to have a fun practice.

One of the highlights of the workshop is that participants can have their yoga portraits taken, including professional styling, air brush painting, while wearing clothes from trendy retail and lifestyle brands, at the end of the workshop as a souvenir gift.

*Suitable for both English and Cantonese speakers


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  • Understand why Chair Yoga is important to add to your specialised yoga teaching skills
  • How to develop your own unique Chair Yoga sequences and classes that meet the specific needs of your students
  • Gain knowledge of proven teaching methodologies that provide a framework for safe and effective classes by observing, studying and analysing the practice of fellow classmates
  • Study therapeutic modifications and precautions for common conditions and issues in the aging population
  • Learn the anatomy of aging and how yoga can be applied specifically to the health issues that the 50+ population experience
  • Instill confidence and skills to empower you to teach Chair Yoga to seniors and people with limited mobility


Two PURE yoga male instructors with a 3Cs teaching style (charm, chic, contemporary). The workshop includes sponsorship with retail brands and fashion styling. Students will receive a set of Instagram-worthy yogi photos together with a photo frame as a souvenir.

A total of 4.5 hours

Saturday, 9 December, 2:30pm to 6:30pm
3-hour practice & 1.5 hours of photo shooting with styling

Pacific Place
L1 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Admiralty, Hong Kong
Otto Yeung
Otto discovered yoga as a healing method for an ACL injury and now embraces it as a connection between his physical and inner selves. Raised in Canada and leading a demanding profession in luxury brands, he values yoga's tranquilising effect in his fast-paced life, while helps him to draw his inner voice inwardly. Specialising in Yin Yoga, with training from global workshops, Otto's creative, sensory teaching style encourages students to explore their unique yoga journey, awakening their every sensation.
Luigi Prato
Luigi, a Sicilian professional dancer and athlete, found yoga in 2014 as a healing method for physical injuries. He discovered not only physical benefits but also a sense of calmness and peace. Luigi has developed his own yoga flow, infusing elements of contemporary dance and movement. As a versatile performer and teacher, he is passionate about sharing his unique practice with people of all abilities and ages.