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Personal Training x Private Yoga Hybrid Package

3 Jun 2024


Who says you can’t enjoy both fitness and yoga? Enjoy the best of both worlds with our new PT/PY Hybrid Package. For the first time, PURE is offering Cardholders a hybrid wellness package that students can use interchangeably to fulfil all their Personal Training and Private Yoga desires.


Depending on your interest, you can split your sessions and never feel like you are stuck choosing one over the other.


Purchase your Hybrid Package* today and celebrate the benefits of both!


Personal Training x Private Yoga Hybrid Package

Hours Tier 1 Teachers


Tier 2 Teachers


Tier 3 Teachers


25 hours HK$20,790
($832 per hour)
($952 per hour)
($1,160 per hour)
50 hours HK$38,990
($780 per hour)
($898 per hour)
($1,100 per hour)

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Terms & Conditions:

  • No purchase limit; more than one package can be purchased at one time.
  • For packages purchased at PURE Fitness, only Tier 1 Private Yoga Packages are available.
  • For packages purchased at PURE Yoga, all Private Yoga Tiers are available.
  • All valid and unused PT or PY packages in the equivalent tier and hour amount can be transferred as a PY-PT Package.