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Headstand and Forearm Stand Basics with Laura Beu

3 December 2023

About this workshop

From Laura’s experience as a student and teacher and after seeing hesitation in attempting to go upside down, she knew that there should be a safe and friendly space where students can start to understand the basics of these two beautiful asanas without being intimidated by more advanced practitioners. Sometimes there is fear of being upside down because the physical mechanics are not understood, sometimes it’s feeling ‘overwhelmed’ from being surrounded by seasoned practitioners, and sometimes flexibility is an issue.

Headstands and Pincha Mayurasana should not be learned by oneself. This workshop is an opportunity for students to learn these poses from an experienced, qualified yoga teacher who can give individualised feedback relative to the student’s body. We will look at the anatomical components that create a foundation for a steady posture. The practice will build confidence and alignment to invert the body into a Tripod Headstand, classic Headstand and basic Forearm Stand. It will begin with chest openers and a series of scapula push-ups to build heat and strength, stretching your shoulders, neck and upper back, then flow through Sun Salutations before working up to the Dolphin pose to set yourself up – each step provides a thorough breakdown of the hand positions.

This workshop is a welcoming space for beginners who are new to inversions and is also suitable for regular practitioners who want to establish the fundamentals of inversions.

Starstreet Precinct
3-19 Wing Fung Street, Starstreet Precinct, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Laura Beu
Laura, a journalist and former international model, started her yoga journey in 2015, deepening her practice in a Manchester studio. Returning to Hong Kong, she explored yoga philosophy under Andy Willner's guidance and completed a life-changing 200-hour Foundation Training for Teachers with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in 2017. Offering dynamic, alignment-based classes, Laura helps students connect with their bodies, aspiring to share the self-awareness, grounding, and strength she gained from her own yoga practice.