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Forearm Stands Asana Biomechanics & Creativity with Aarya Kuldeep


Starstreet Precinct

Sunday, 28 January

About this workshop

As a sequel to the ABC series, we’ll learn the biomechanics of Forearm Stands (Pichha Mayur Asan), the correct alignment and gain stability upside down. We will also explore a range of creative variations of Forearm Stands.

This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels, especially those who want to learn how to do a Forearm Stand for the first time and those who want to reinforce the fundamentals or explore different variations of this pose.


  • Biomechanics and fundamentals of Forearm Stands
  • How to overcome fear and maintain stability
  • Bridging the headstand and forearm stands
  • Balanced mindset
  • Exploring different variations
  • Action and movement of key muscles
  • Strength & balancing
  • Finding the appropriate approach for transitioning
  • Concept of syncing the body and mind
  • Creativity



• Understand the fundamentals of inversion practice
• Learn the proper range of movement and muscle engagement in Forearm Stands
• Learn step-by-step progressions
• Prevent common mistakes for the longevity of joints
• Understand the importance of awareness in balancing
• Discover firmness and a strong mindset for life beyond the mat
• Learn techniques to prevent injuries
• Useful for teachers to acquire a better understanding to guide students
This workshop is designed to be accessible to beginners with a focus on fundamentals and allow seasoned practitioners to explore advanced variations.


Sunday, 28 January
(15 minutes break)


A total of 4 hours
Early-Bird Price: HK$1,555 (Ends 10 January)
Regular Price: HK$1,777


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Starstreet Precinct
1/F, Lok Moon Mansion, 29-31 Queen's Road EastWan Chai, Hong Kong
Aarya Janghela
Aarya began practising yoga at age three and later obtained degrees in Yogic Science and Human Consciousness. He views yoga as a journey of self-development and a tool to foster holistic health, mental clarity, and inner connection. Studying under philosopher Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya and learning from his students, Aarya's teaching emphasises balanced sequences, alignment, and a holistic approach incorporating asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. His aim is to enable students to turn their senses inward and experience yoga's transformative effects.