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New specialised Personal Yoga programmes – available at all locations!

Led by our experienced teachers, elevate your practice with our specialised Personal Yoga programmes.

25 April 2024

Offering flexibility and convenience, you can fit your yoga practice into your busy schedule any day!


Package Pricing

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
No. of Hours 1-on-1 2-on-1 1-on-1 2-on-1 1-on-1 2-on-1
1 Hour HK$1,190 HK$1,690 HK$1,390 HK$1,990 HK$1,590 HK$2,290
5 Hours HK$5,190 HK$7,590 HK$5,890 HK$8,590 HK$6,590 HK$9,790
10 Hours HK$9,190 HK$13,290 HK$10,290 HK$14,890 HK$11,790 HK$16,790
25 Hours HK$20,790 HK$27,290 HK$23,790 HK$31,490 HK$28,990 HK$36,790

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Programme Descriptions

Arm Balances & Inversions

This Personal Yoga programme is designed to cultivate strength, balance and grace in both arm balances and inversions. Our expert yoga teachers will guide you through proper alignment techniques, muscular engagement, and mindful breath control to elevate your practice to new heights!

Students will learn to manipulate their centre of gravity for each pose to find stability. Emphasis will be placed on transitioning in and out of these poses with fluidity and control.

In addition to the main physical benefits, arm balances and inversions help develop mental and emotional awareness. Students will learn to overcome fear and cultivate a sense of courage, trust, and focus.

This programme is perfect for yoga practitioners of varying levels eager to fly higher in their arm balance and inversion practice. Our teachers will offer modifications and variations to accommodate individual needs and abilities.


Core Strengthening

This Personal Yoga programme focuses on strengthening and toning the core muscles of the body.

This class incorporates dynamic and energising sequences with core exercises targeting the muscles of the torso (including the back and pelvis). Core Strengthening emphasises cultivating a strong foundation and engaging the core while in yoga poses and during transition movements. Students will engage in mindful breath control to activate and strengthen the core muscles more effectively.

Practising core-focused yoga poses helps to develop overall body strength, supporting functional movements and daily activities. A strong and stable core develops physical and mental resilience, improving overall confidence and personal empowerment.

Join this programme to develop your strength from within and experience the transformative benefits of a strong core. This programme is for any practitioner level; our teachers will personalise your classes to accommodate your needs and abilities.



This Personal Yoga programme is for students seeking to establish a solid foundation in their yoga practice. Our expert teachers will help you learn fundamental yoga poses, breathing techniques, and basic principles of alignment, providing you with a strong base to grow your own individual practice.

Through consistent yoga practice, students can expect increased strength, improved posture, enhanced body and spatial awareness, mindfulness, mid-body connection and a greater ability to manage stress.

This programme provides you with the necessary tools to begin or strengthen your yoga journey. The supportive environment and accessible instructions will empower you to deepen your understanding of yoga, allowing you to progress confidently and explore further levels of yoga practice in the future.


Flexibility & Mobility

This Personal Yoga programme helps students increase their range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. Our expert teachers will emphasise proper alignment, guiding you through various yoga poses and functional movements that focus on stretching and strengthening of both muscles and joints.

Teachers will focus on yoga poses to target areas of the body that tend to be tight or restricted in movement, such as the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. The practice may also incorporate props to help students deepen their awareness of the pose and support their alignment.

Students with consistent flexibility and mobility-oriented practice will experience reduced stiffness and pain in their joints, increased circulation and energy flow, and a greater sense of relaxation and peace of mind.

This programme is for anyone looking to improve their physical mobility and flexibility. Our teachers will encourage you to move at your own pace and personalise your experience based on your level of flexibility and mobility.



This Personal Yoga programme is designed for yoga students who want to expand their backbend practice. Our expert teachers will guide you through proper alignment, modifications, and techniques to practise backbends safely and effectively.

Pranayama (breathing) techniques may also be practised to enhance breath capacity and support the opening of the chest and heart centre. Students will learn to stabilise the body and engage the core muscles to maintain balance and protect the lower back during the backbend practice.

Backbends are known to energise and envigorate the body, stimulate the nervous system and increase vitality. A consistent backbend practice contributes to a greater range of motion in the spine, increased lung capacity, and a more open and uplifted posture; it can also support a greater sense of self-confidence and enhance overall well-being. Lastly, backbends help counteract the effects of prolonged phone use and sitting at the office.

It is important to approach your backbend practice with patience and respect for your body’s limitations. This Personal Yoga programme provides a supportive and encouraging environment to safely explore and deepen your backbend practice, while experiencing the transformative effects of these heart-opening postures.


Injury Rehabilitation

This Personal Yoga programme is designed to support students in their recovery journey. Our expert teachers will work with you to create your very own personalised practice that supports your body and works with your injury, helping you regain your strength, flexibility, and overall physical well-being.

Students will be guided through a therapeutic yoga practice focused on mindful movements, breath awareness, and targeted exercises to help build strength and stability without further injury. Students will learn the importance of listening to their bodies, honouring their limitations, and cultivating self-compassion throughout the recovery process.

These injury-recovering sessions are beneficial in facilitating the healing process, improving blood circulation, and promoting the recovery of injured tissues and muscles. Students will enhance their overall awareness and develop a deeper understanding of their bodies, learning to listen to their physical sensations, making mindful choices to prevent further injury, and enhancing mental resilience during recovery.

Whether you’re recovering from a recent physical injury or chronic condition, our teachers will work with you, providing tailored modifications and adaptations to help you achieve your goals and prevent future injuries.



This Personal Yoga programme is designed to support students with a desire to learn a specialised practice like Aerial Yoga and Wall Rope Yoga. Our expert teachers will work with you to create your very own personalised practice that supports your yoga journey. In both Aerial Yoga and Wall Rope Yoga, students will be guided through an individualised practice within each specialised discipline, helping students develop knowledge, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, all while preventing injury. Students who find it difficult to join group classes or want to go deeper in these specialised practices will be able to do so with greater flexibility and ease.

Both Aerial Yoga and Wall Rope Yoga teach students to use props mindfully. Through strategic sequencing with props, students will open their bodies, develop flexibility and strength that is unique to these two practices. This Personal Yoga programme provides a supportive and encouraging environment to safely explore and deepen your practice, while experiencing the transformative effects of an non-traditional practice.


Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga

This Personal Yoga programme is designed to support students during and after their pregnancy. Our expert teachers will work with students to create their very own personalised practice that supports their pre-and post-natal needs. While the needs during for each mother during and after pregnancy can vary greatly, students will be guided through an individualised sequence to help during each stage of pregnancy.

Yoga during both pre- and post-natal stages are unpredictable. Women’s physical and mental health are tested to new limits during both pregnancy and birth. Through a consistent, carefully tailored yoga practice, both physical and mental health can be sufficiently supported; moreover, mothers can feel empowered, strong and ready to embark on their new chapter ahead.